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2 pcs á 180 x 240 cm and 140 x 240 cm
(70,5 x 94,5 ins and 55 x 94,5 ins)
Edition of 50 + 1 AP
Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity
Handmade art carpet (tufed)
Wool & Silk

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For HENZEL STUDIO, Douglas Gordon created a two panel composition as an homage to Courbet’s painting L’Origine du Monde. Hailed as one of the most prominent artist of his generation to emerge from Britain, Gordon’s work spans across many different forms of media. Throughout his career he has utilized photography, text, sculpture, and perhaps most significantly film, with which he produced a series of video instiallations based on iconic films including Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, John Ford’s The Searchers, and Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. Gordon’s work is meant to abstract what we think we know and understand, and through that abstraction creates a new experience for the human memory to process and approach what it has previously witnessed.