€1.450 EUR
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TOM’s ride, 2018
Edition of 50
Chromogenic print on velour
Tufted, cut-pile, dye-injected
Natural black foam gel backing (anti-slip)
Carpet / Tapestry
126 x 200 cm (49.5 x 78.5)

Daniel Trese is an American photographer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His work has been consistently a part of independent publishing for the past 10 years. Originally from Los Angeles, Daniel studied art history and worked as a fine art printer prior starting his own studio in 2009. Since then, his photographs have appeared in Harpers Bazar, Vogue Homme, The New York Times, Surface, Wallpaper, The Plant, Die Zeit, The Travel Almanac, among others and several group shows internationally.

This object can be used as a floor covering or a tapestry, easy to hang on a wall. The material is extremely durable and are approved for hotels, offices, corridors and other high traffic areas.

Henzel Studios’ production of museum-quality heavy textiles involves passion, high expertise, innovation and craftsmanship.The high-end production methods represents the next generation of dye injected carpets. By penetrating the dye directly into the carpet fibers it is possible to achieve extremely detailed, high-resolution images on the textile. Expect brilliant colors that are extremely durable and environmentally friendly. Only Oeko-Tex certified raw materials are used. All pieces are made in the European Union and are labeled and numbered by hand.

Designed in conjunction with Daniel Trese's exhibition Surface streets.