UNTITLED, 2014, (ART08)

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Digital print on cotton / polyester
Same artwork on two sides with piping

20 x 20 ins / 50.8 x 50.8 cm

Jack Pierson, Born in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Lives and works in New York City and Southern California


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Jack Pierson works with a variety of media, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installations and film. Through exploration of celebrity, melodrama and loneliness, Pierson articulates these through an emotional narrative manifesting lost love, sexual longing, faded glamour, fleeting moments, and melancholic and sentimental reflection. His favored subjects are excerpts from his daily life: fragments of urban landscapes, still lives of ordinary objects, homoerotic nudes and evocative words worked into collages or transformed into wall mounted sculptures. Deeply rooted in Americana, the artist seeks to portray the other side of the American Dream, what he calls “the tragedy inherent in the pursuit of glamour”.

Pierson’s body of work is profoundly intimate and is inherited from his own personal experiences, which he encapsulates into visual mementos and manifestations that once frozen transcend time. He engages personal expressions of self and psychological states of being through a uniquely defined style and openness where oftentimes commonly known references are subjected to individual interpretations determined by memory and desire.

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